Which visa suits you better?


Which visa suits you better?

✓ Golden Visa

A long-term visa without a sponsor for:

  • Owners of properties worth from $545,000.
  • Investors who has a deposit of $545,000 in an investment fund accredited in the UAE.
  • Investors who has a proven investor’s capital of the same amount.
  • Outstanding talents: entrepreneurs, scientists, creative people of culture and art, doctors, students, etc. with an approval of the authorities.

Period: 5 or 10 years


✓ Green Visa

A self-sponsorship visa for:

  • Skilled workers with a valid employment contract and a salary from $4,000.
  • Freelancers with an annual income from self-employment for the previous 2 years not less than $98,000.
  • Investors and financial partners with a proof of the investment and an approval of the authorities.

Period: 5 years
✓ Retirement

A visa tailored to retired foreigners who:

  • Have worked for not less than 15 years, or are 55+ years old at the time of retirement.
  • Own properties or have savings of no less than $272,000 or have a monthly income from $4,000.

Period: 5 years
✓ Investor Visa in Dubai

For foreign investors who own real estate valued $204,000 or more.
Period: 2 years
✓ Work

Standard visa:

  • Employed in the private sector.
  • Employed in the government sector or a free zone.

Period: 2 years

✓ Virtual Work

Foreigners who are:

Employed outside the UAE

  • Receive a minimum monthly income of $3,500

Period: 1 year
✓ Family

Employers and employees with valid UAE residence visas can sponsor their relatives, regardless of their job titles, if they earn a min salary of $1,100.

Who can be sponsored:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried Daughters of Any Age
  • Sons Up to 25 Years Old
  • Parents

Period: the same as that of their benefactors

✓ Student

Visa for international students whose sponsor can either be the university or a relative who is a resident.
Period: 1 year

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